Frequently Asked Questions

Cured Meats

How do I store my salami and specialty meets?  Do I need to refrigerate my meat? Although we recommend keeping our salami and aged specialty meats refrigerated and dry for best quality, our product can also be stored in a cool, dry place.    Once opened and sliced, our meats can be kept loosely wrapped in a cool room or refrigerator.  The product will continue to dry over time but remains delicious to eat.

 Do I need to peel my salami? Coro pre-peels the casing of our piccolo 5oz salami sticks so there is no need to peel the product.  Our larger deli sticks, however, are made with fibrous casing.  To peel these use a fine-edged knife to lift the corner casing from the salami.  Once the casing has been pulled slowly peel it back by hand. Peel it back only as much as you need for that serving. 

How long will my cured meat last? Our salami and aged specialty meats last a long time.  We use a best by date of 6 to 9 months on most products because we find the product retains its optimal moisture and flavor within this period of time.  However cured meats are shelf-stable products.  This means that, although the product continues to dry out the more it sits out (even when unwrapped), it will never go bad.

 Do your products contain nitrites or nitrates? Nitrates/Nitrites are salts traditionally used to cure meats and prevent harmful bacteria.  There’s conflict among craft meat producers on which source of nitrates and nitrites results in the highest-quality, best tasting product.   

 We think our customers should decide for themselves.  As a result, our most popular flavors are available in Original and, starting in December, an Uncured product line, both with the same great flavor.  Our Original product line uses traditional nitrite and nitrate salts while our Uncured product line uses celery juice powder, a natural form of nitrate and nitrite found in celery and other leafy-green vegetables.  

Is your meat Antibiotic-Free, Humanely Treated, Organic or Non-GMO? Our products are made with pork that is never treated with antibiotics and certified humanely treated vegetarian-fed by American Humane Certified at  Unfortunately, there is a limited supply of organic and non-GMO pork in the US, although we hope to transition at least part of our product line to this at some point.

What are the allergens in your products? All our products are gluten free, although a small number of our flavors have dairy.  Please read the product description carefully if you need to avoid these ingredients.  We always highlight any allergens in the product description.


Why do you now sell your products under the Coro by Salumi label? As members of a broader community of cured meat artisans, we cannot presume to own the word Salumi, which is the Italian word for cured meats. We are one of many from around the world that make salumi and dedicate ourselves to this craft. Not only should others be able to share in the celebrated word, we also believe it should be easy for our customers to find the product they love.

I’m a longtime fan of Salumi. Has anything changed? What makes our cured meats so interesting and unique is our ongoing exploration of flavor.  While we take pride in bringing our fans the new world flavors they have loved for decades, we never stop imagining what else could come next. Coro by Salumi brings the same flavor, recipes and handcrafted processes enjoyed for years.

What has changed is a new approach to sourcing ingredients. Our products are now all made with all-natural ingredients, including locally sourced spices and humanely treated vegetarian-fed pork never treated with antibiotics. We have also added an uncured nitrate and nitrite-free product line and moved to easy-to-eat casings with no peeling required. Enjoy!

Where is Coro by Salumi made? All of our meat is made in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, just a few miles south of downtown Seattle. Our production space was designed to accentuate our small batch, handcrafted processes performed on state-of-the-art equipment.  That meat is fermented and cured in high-precision rooms which are ideal for creating consistent quality and deliciously complex flavors. Our spices are freshly mixed for every batch and each salami is hand stuffed and wrapped to ensure the highest quality and consistent flavor and feel. 

What makes Coro by Salumi unique?  For over 20 years Salumi has been making cured meats in Seattle by mixing old world techniques with modern thinking and new world flavors.  We are famous for our new world spices, we use all-natural ingredients, including humanely-treated vegetarian fed pork, and we’ve developed our own unique stuffing and curing process that delivers the flavor, texture and small batch products our customers love.  In addition, as two moms with little kids, we believe in the importance of making our product easy to eat—no instructions or peeling required.

What is unique about your production process? We combine old world techniques with new world thinking to our small batch production process.  We don’t apply mold to our products and use a unique fermentation process and culture designed to impart the unique flavors our customers love.  Our spices are mixed fresh by hand for every batch and each salami is carefully stuffed then aged in high-precision rooms to ensure consistent quality and a marbled texture.

Gift Cards

Where can the Coro by Salumi gift card be used? We accept gift cards both online on our website as well as in our deli restaurant Salumi.  Unfortunately, our online takeout platform for the Salumi deli does not yet accept our gift cards.  We are working on that!

How do I send a gift card? We have two types of gift cards - physical gift cards, which can be mailed to the recipient, and digital gift cards, which can be emailed.  

 How can I check my gift card balance? The gift card page that displays your code will always show your current gift card balance. You can access the gift card page by clicking on the "View Your Gift Card" button within the email. You can also email us at with your unique gift card code and we can look up the balance for you. 

Can I choose my digital gift card denomination? Right now, we offer $25, $30, $50, $75, $100, $150, and $200 gift card denominations.

Can I return a gift card? Our gift cards are non-refundable, but they are transferrable. If for some reason you don’t love your Coro by Salumi product after 30 days, we’ll gladly take them back and give you a full refund on the gift card—no questions asked.

Are gift cards transferrable? Yes, we love sharing food! The only thing you need to transfer your gift card is the gift card code, which can be found on your gift card page or on the physical gift card.

Will the gift card ever expire?  No, they never expire! The code only expires once the full amount of the gift card has been used.

How do I use my Coro by Salumi gift card? It’s simple! Just copy and paste the code you received to your email into the 'gift card' box at checkout.  For physical gift cards, the code should be listed on the back of the card.

Orders, Shipping & Tracking

Can I expedite my order?  No problem! Select priority shipping in your checkout cart; you’ll have to cover the difference in shipping cost, but we are sure it will be worth it.  

How do you ship?  We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $35. For all orders under $35, there will be a $5 shipping fee. Our standard shipping takes about 5 - 7 business days to arrive from the time the order is placed. The carrier (FedEx, UPS or USPS) will be automatically selected based on the shipping address.  Additionally, we offer 2-business day expedited shipping starting at $10 and 1-business day expedited shipping starting at $20.

Please note that we only ship and deliver on business days Monday through Friday and that only expedited orders placed before 12 pm Pacific time on a business day will ship that same day. For example, an order placed with 1-business day shipping on Thursday at 2 pm Pacific time will ship out the next day, Friday, and arrive the following Monday.

Do you offer gift wrap? At this time we don't have the option to add gift wrap to orders, but feel free to add a personalized gift message to your order - you should see the option during the checkout process.  We also offer a Sample Pack shipped in a beautiful box with a sample of four salamis.  It’s a perfect gift!

Where do you ship? We ship to all 50 states in the United States.  We are hoping to expand to other regions and countries in the future.

Where can I find my order number? Your order number can be found on both your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails.  If you've created an account on our website, you can find it there as well!  Another tip would be to look for the "PO" or " Order" number on the shipping label. If you're still having trouble locating your order number, shoot us a note at with the email address used to place the order and/or the shipping address and we'll help you out!

What is the status of my order? Once your order is on its way, you'll receive a shipping notification via email. But if you're having trouble tracking your order, don't hesitate to drop us a line via email at  We only ship on business days, so orders placed on Friday after 12pm Pacific time or over the weekend will ship out on Monday morning.

What if I want to change or cancel my order?  We try to fulfill orders very quickly; that said, please email us at and we’ll find a good solution. If you’re just getting cold feet, hang on until you can taste our product–we think you’ll love it and if you don’t, you can always send them back for free within 30 days of purchase. 

Returns & Refunds

What is your return policy? We offer a 30-day trial period, no questions asked. You can return or exchange your Coro by Salumi product for free with no questions asked, even if you've already started eating the product. For returns and exchanges please reach out to

When can I expect my refund? It can take our warehouse up to two weeks to receive and process your return. We'll be sure to send a refund notification email as soon as we've issued your refund!