Cured Meat Menu


Agrumi Fragrant and colorful, with cardamom, orange peel and red chili flakes

Anise  The sweet aroma of anise, plus a little pepper

Finocchiona Flavored with cracked black pepper, fennel and a touch of curry

Hot Sopressata A must have for Italian sandwiches. Ours is intensely red and has a slight kick from cayenne pepper

Mole Simultaneously sweet, savory and a little spicy with cinnamon, cocoa and chilies

Salumi Salami Our signature salami with a touch of ginger and garlic

Smoked Paprika Smoky flavor with a pleasing heat in the finish


DaVino (May thru October) Our traditional red wine salami

Rosmarino (May thru October) Just a hint of rosemary with peppercorns

Mustard (November thru April)A spicy combination of yellow and brown mustard seed plus chili flakes

Oregano (November thru April) Mild, but big on taste with the herby aroma of Oregano. It smells like an Italian kitchen

Winter ( November thru April) Studded with red and green peppercorn


Coppa $25/lb Carved from the center of a pork shoulder, then rolled in chili flakes before it is stuffed and hung to air dry. A feast for the eyes and the palate.

Culatello $40/lb Often referred to as the "king of prosciuttos", this heritage breed prosciutto is aged for 9 months creating a delicate, buttery meat that practically melts on your tongue.

Guanciale $15/lb Cured pork jowls, great for the chef and the secret ingredient in carbonara

Pancetta $15/lb Cured pork belly seasoned with pepper and rolled. Perfect as a bacon substitute.

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